Death Doula & Home funeral GUIDE Certification


Death Doula Certification and Home Funeral Certification

This is my 22nd year in what has become known as the Death Doula & Home Funeral Movement. Two decades ago there was one book on the topic and the internet barely existed. We learned these Arts as we answered a call that was so strong nothing could have kept us from the bedside of neighbors, from the restless nights of our friends' dying children, from being the ones who attended to the catastrophic losses in our own families and communities. 

Today,  people like me feel enormous joy seeing this ancient work picked-up again and loved by the world.

It is a gift to all who call and all who answer


Terry Skovronek

Former Board Member: National End of Life Doula Alliance, National Home Funeral Alliance,  National Funeral Consumer Alliance of Philadelphia

  Consultant on Funeral Consumer matters and Family Directed Funeral Law & Regulation  

Blogger, Community Educator  

Home Funeral for V.V., cherished pet
V.V. was processed to the park then to the vet. for cremation


Phone and Skype Consultation

In-Service trainer and Speaker

Live classroom instruction in Death Doula Arts 

Live classroom instruction in Home Funeral Arts

Death Doula & Family Directed Funeral Teaching Materials available for sale 

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what I hear is "leave me alone and go find it yourself".  

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